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July 2017

Video tutorials for data2check

In addition to our detailed documentation, you can now watch informative video tutorials for data2check. These clips offer a quick overview of the handling of the free web service. Step by step you can learn how to check a Word document and which settings can be made.

French documentation now online

The data2check webseite and thus also the documentation is now, apart from English, German and Spanish, also available in French.

April 2017

data2check as a REST API

Now, data2check has a new function: a REST API was developed for the validation of Word and InDesign documents. With the help of this API, which can be integrated into own services such as Content Management Systems, all functionality of data2check is available without using the web service.

Further information on the functionality of the API can be found under the data2check documentation.

data2check is available in several languages

The free online service is now "speaking" German, English, Spanish and French! When you log in under, you can now choose in the User Management under "My profile" in which language you want to use data2check. The GUI as well as the error comments in the output documents then appear in the selected language. Therefore, data2check can be very useful for international teams and projects.

February 2017

data2check in English

Parallel to the conference XML Prague 2017, data2check is also available in English. On the website, the user can now choose to read the contents, e.g. the documentation, in German or English. For the actual service (, the displayed language varies depending on the language setting of the used Web browser. In case you have selected German as browser language, data2check will be displayed in German. For all other languages, English is used per default.

data2check at the XML Prague 2017

Presentation "Checking documents for DTP with the free online service data2check" by Mehrschad Zaeri Esfahani & Hauke Brandes (parsQube GmbH):

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